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  • Locating Family Pet with Commercial Drones  GHAWK locates your family pet (dog or cat) or other animals by using a Typhoon H commercial multi-rotor drone. The Typhoon H utilizes an HD color camera for day operations and an infrared camera for night search and rescue.”  

  • Application and Integration Feasibility – GHAWK critiques available unit and system specifications to find the perfect fit for your company. We diligently work with you to successfully integrate UAV/UAS technology into your business model. When system upgrades are needed, GHAWK is available to assist with a seamless transition, all with our customer’s budget and operational needs in mind.  

  • Product and Parts Identification and Acquisition – GHAWK maintains


       relationships and accounts with various UAV/UAS manufacturers to assist with the

       acquisition of propulsion devices, navigation systems, portable ground control station

       consoles, data link systems, and other avionics products. 

  • Education and Training Curricula and Programs – GHAWK develops, writes, and implements UAV/UAS training courses (military or civilian) based upon customer requirements. 

  • Test Site Procedures – GHAWK operates two UAS Test Sites in Southwest Arizona (Cochise county) for small to medium UAS Testing​. 

  • Test Training Plans (TTPs) – GHAWK has years of experience in writing and implementing numerous successful TTPs for unmanned technology.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Consultations and Assistance – Our firm has the unique capability and experience necessary to understand the requirements and resolve questions regarding FAA rules and regulations.   

  • UAV/UAS Simulations – GHAWK has built strong relationships with unmanned flight simulation companies.  UAV/UAS simulators are outstanding assets that mitigate any expensive risks of real flight during training phases. Further, simulators do not require FAA oversight, Certificates of Authorization or Special Airworthiness Certificates.

  • UAV/UAS Professional Networking and “Reach back” – GHAWK is a small nimble company; we have the ability to offer valuable services such as UAV/UAS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) flight instruction, while keeping the cost to our customers low. Yet our “reach back” gives us the ability to call for assistance and expertise from other subject matter experts within the UAV arena when necessary. Those technologies include radar, computer software, hardware, data link capabilities, communications, videography, and so on.