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GHAWK projects:
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Unmanned Aircraft Test Site at a Municipal Airport

    Working in collaboration with the airport site manager of a municipal airport facility, GHAWK conducted an in-depth study and analysis regarding the incorporation of UAVs into the airspace, airport terminal areas and throughout the entire airport facility. GHAWK facilitated the introduction of micro-small-, and medium-sized UAVs

       successfully mitigating operational conflicts with fixed-wing and rotor aircraft utilizing the    

       airport. This in-depth study produced SOPs for all UAV users to follow when conducting UAV

       operations at airports.



  • Managed Collaboration between Unmanned Technology Manufacturers and End Users

    GHAWK served as the chief link between UAV customers and various UAV/UAS unit, system, and part manufacturers to answer customer questions and assist with appropriate product selection to include individual UAVs, ground control stations, electro-optical infrared stabilized cameras, antennas, Li-Po batteries, etc. GHAWK was instrumental in determining special environmental characteristics at the proposed operations site that identified the need for increased take-off power.


  • Mediated Dialogue between Foreign Customer Seeking Import/Export Guidance of Unmanned Technology and Education

    GHAWK mediated communications between an American UAV manufacturing company and a foreign customer in South America.  GHAWK President Lou Brock reads and writes English and Spanish and has travelled extensively in South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil).  He understands the cultures of these countries and maintains professional relationships and contacts in the government and commercial arenas.  Mr. Brock has also travelled in the Middle and Far East.


  • Currently Developing a Civilian UAV Curriculum for a Midwest College

    GHAWK’s extensive UAV/UAS experience and education is invaluable in teaching others comprehensive courses in today’s unmanned technology.  This project is the development of a mid-level UAV course which has been tailored to the preferences of the college faculty and is the first UAV course for this college. GHAWK has written and produced UAV/UAS curricula and has assisted in developing military and civilian “school house” courses for educational departments and entities. Each UAV course is written and developed in accordance with our customers’ specific goals.  


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